Every signage device on Flame needs to be assigned to a playlist to show content.

A playlist is simply a list of content (images and videos) put in order so that the device knows how to play it back on the screens.

Each player can only be assigned to one playlist at a time.

Creating a Playlist

1. After you have logged into Flame, click on the PLAYLISTS tab

2. Click on the New button to create a playlist.

3. Type in the name you want for the playlist - this is for your reference and won't affect how content is displayed.

Select a resolution from the dropdown box.

Once you are happy with your settings, click save.

Updating a Playlist

1. Hover over the playlist you want to edit and click the edit icon.

The edit playlist screen has three main sections:

  • 1 - FOLDERS: These are your content folders, click on one of these if you want to select a different folder for content.
  • 2 - ASSETS: These are the assets in the current folder. You can use these in your playlist. You can add a new asset by clicking the New Asset button.
  • 3 - PLAYLIST: These are the assets that will play on the device, in the order listed in the playlist.

2. Add the assets you want to play by clicking and dragging the asset from the asset section into the playlist section. You can drag and drop assets in the playlist section to reorder them. You can upload new assets by clicking the New Asset button.

3. Click the Deploy button to assign the playlist to one or more devices. 

4. Click the checkbox for an individual device if you want to select/de-select it, or a folder to select/de-select all devices in that folder.

5. Click the deploy button to start playing the playlist on the selected devices.

6. OPTIONAL you can set an asset in a playlist to only play at certain times or dates by opening the assets timing properties in the playlist section.

7. OPTIONAL set the dates and times you would like the asset to play between in the Date/Time section.