Concierge has the ability to display one event across multiple rooms, and to set a custom room name for each of the rooms to display.

Please note, if you do this the event will only show up once on the Foyer Screens with the directions to the first room in your list.

Step 1

Go to the events tab and create an event as you would normally

Step 2

Fill out the title and description as you would normally

Step 3

Select multiple rooms by holding the ctrl button on your keyboard while you left click on the rooms you want the event to display on.

Please note, the directional signage will only display this event once, and will only show directions to the first room you have selected.

Step 4 (Optional)

If you want the rooms to all display a different room name than usual, enter the new room name in the Alternative Name field.

All room names playing this event, and the directional signage, will display the new room name you entered here for this event.

Step 5:

Finish filling the event as you would normally.