Promotions allow you to display an image on your concierge screens. 

Setting Up

Step 1: Open the promotions tab on concierge. Click 'Add a Promotion'.



Step 2: Add the image you want to display.



Step 3: Set the dates you want the promotion to run from and to.

Step 4: Set the times you want the promotion to play each day.



Step 5: Set the promotion to override events, play alongside events or only play when there are no active events.



Step 6: Click the drop-down box next to 'Players'. Select the players the promotion should play on.



Step 7: Set the amount of time the promotion should display for if it is alternating with other promotions or events.



Step 8: Click save.


  • Ensure your promotion image/s are in a .jpg or .png format.
  • Ensure your promotion image size matches the resolution of the screen it is being sent to. If you want a promotion across screens with different resolutions you will need to create a separate promotion for each resolution with an appropriately sized image for each.
  • A time set to 00-00 and 23-59 will play the promotion all day.