DC Media's default screen control extension (aelcdmonitor) handles some Panasonic displays, however due to the way in which Panasonic codes are structured it is not possible to have it cover every possible combination of the Panasonic codes.

To maximize the number of Panasonic models supported we have used dcmedia's ability to create custom codes and have published these publicly.

The steps to use the custom controls are below

1. Firstly ensure you are using aelcdmonitor.dll version 75 or greater

2. Select 'custom' instead of Panasonic in the configuration dialogue

3. Include the attached customrs232.ini file in the dcmedia folder at (c:\Users\Public\documents\dcmedia\)

4. In DCMedia, if the screen is using slot one set the input to PC or if the screen is using slot 2 set the input to HDMI

In some cases where the HDMI input has been used on the TV you will need to use the customrms232_alternate.ini instead of customrms232.ini file. The steps are as above but remember to rename the file to: customrms232.ini