DC Media can display contents from a Microsoft SQL Database.

Step 1:

First, download and install the latest 32bit ODBC native driver for MSSQL.

Currently, you can download from here


Step 2:

Next, setup a DSN within Microsoft Windows, this will need to be done on the player that will be displaying the content as well as your content development environment.

If you are on running a 32bit version of Windows 7+ then you can access the ODBC administration tool here

Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources

If you are running on a 64 bit version of Windows 7+ then you can access the ODBC administration tool here


Step 3:

Select System DSN, then click Add...

Step 4:

Select the driver installed in step 1, then click finish

Step 5:

Enter a name for the DSN, this name will be used later so note it.

Enter the server address, either the IP or named pipe, then click next

Step 6:

Enter the relevant authentication details, click next

Step 7:

Set to change the default database to- and select your database, if any details were incorrect in previous steps this will not be possible to set and you will get an error message. Choose next.

Step 8:

Choose finish

Step 9:

Open Digital Sign Creator, and create a table

Step 10:

Double click the created table and click "table definition" on the Table tab. 

Step 11:

i) select sql database 

ii) enter a connection string in this format, replace testDSN with the name you gave the DSN you created in step 5


iii) enter your sql query

iv) add your columns

click ok

Your data should be displayed.