Setting up a DCMedia portrait stack

Assuming that the installation has gone smoothly, you will now need to get the screens working in the correct order.

To do so you will need a keyboard and mouse to access the menus to make changes.

With the keyboard and mouse plugged in, proceed to closing DCMedia, and all of its subset programs running in the background.

This step will prevent you from getting annoyed for the player opening up again.

Now that you are on the desktop, proceed to right-clicking and opening up the screen resolution settings

Once it is open you may need to arrange the screens correctly.

To do so you will need to flip each of the screens (by selecting each one and changing the orientation)

Then you will need to place the screens on top of each other.

To do so select the one that needs to go on top and drag it over the bottom screens top border.

Once you are done, hit apply, confirm its correct and hit OK.

Bonus points

If the video is still not playing properly, then this can be attrubuted to a problem in dcmedia configuration.

To check this just head into the player config (in the startmenu) and click the display tab.

Here just change the number of screens to span down to the amount required.