The Digital View media players will display this error message after an attempted update if they cannot find the content they are supposed to update on the USB that has been inserted.

First, please ensure that you have set up your content USB to:

  • Be formatted with the FAT32 filesystem. To do this:
    1. Insert your USB into your computer.
    2. Open My Computer or This PC (Windows 10).
    3. Right click on your USB (usually set to D:) and click format from the context menu.
    4. Set the following options:
      • File system: Fat32
      • Allocation unit size: Default allocation size
      • Format options - Quick Format: Checked
    5. Click Start and once the process has completed copy the content files to the USB.

  • Ensure that the Update.ini file and Media folder are at the root level of the USB (not inside any other folders)

If you have tried the above steps and are still seeing this error message, please try using some different USB drives, preferably from different brands.

Avoid using USB3.0 USB drives and try using a USB drive with 8GB or less memory.