Step 1: Turn on the player and plug in a USB keyboard. Press the alt, ctrl and delete keys on the keyboard simultaneously. A menu should appear on the connected screen. 

Step 2: A menu should appear on the screen connected to the player. Navigate to the 'Network settings' option using the arrow keys, and press enter when it is highlighted. 

Step 3: In the network menu again, press enter (IP configuration should be highlighted).

Step 4: The IP configuration menu will tell you if the player is using DHCP or a static IP address. The current mode will be indicated by an asterisk in the brackets to the left of the options. The player in the following image has been set to DHCP as an example. 

Step 5: To select a different option, highlight it by moving the selection with the up and down arrow keys and then press the space bar. Press enter. Skip to step 7.

Step 6 (Static IP Only): Fill out the fields with the provided network information. Once the correct information has been entered, select 'change' and hit enter. Alternatively, if you are just looking to get the network information, select 'ok' or 'cancel' and hit enter. Select 'Ok' on the IP configuration menu to return to the main menu.

Step 7: Press right (to done) and press enter. Select save changes and press enter.