This is an Article on how to check/change the IP settings of a 3250/3350 typically used for DDB shown bellow.

To access the player configuration menu please follow the steps described bellow.

Step 1:  Plug a keyboard into the USB port and press Ctrl-Alt-Del.

You should be seeing the following view on the screen.

Step 2 : Using the arrow keys go down to Network Settings and press Enter.

Step 3: Select IP Configuration and press Enter

Step 4; Select Static IP and press enter.

** please note if the (*) is not next to Static IP once on Static IP press the "Space Bar" to move the asterix down**

Step 5: Here you should be able to see the IP settings given to the device.


Step 1 : Follow the steps described above when at step 5 using the arrow keys select Change and press Enter.

Now you can input or change existing values to match the desired ones. Once the desired value is selected press enter to exit the Edit mode.