To preform a firmware update via network only a few simple steps need to be taken.

Requirements: Adfotain Express Manager Adfotain Manager Express Download

Players on local network

Firmware file (.pkg)

-> Navigate to the appropriate firmware download via List of available firmware

-> Open Adfotain Express Manager and Click 'Player(P)' and select Firmware update. (See Screenshot below)

-> Select your player model (1), followed  by the 'via network' option (2). Then hit the Scan button the see the available players (3).

->After finding the player, click the firmware browsing button (4) and proceed to choosing the downloaded firmware file (5)

->The firmware can easily be identified due to it having a ".pkg" file extension at the end.

->After clicking next, proceed to opening the file (6), Select all similar model players you want to upgrade at once (7) and then hit the Firmware Update button (8)

->When the progress bar has completed for all the players, they will do a power-cycle and auto update.

->Congratulations you have now updated your players via the network