This article will desribe how to perform a factory reset on the iAdea XMP3250.

These instructions should not be followed without first being advised to do so. 

Following these instructions before being advised to could lead to the loss of valuable diagnostic data delaying the resolving of a problem.

Step 1:

Plug a USB keyboard into the media player

When you do this, you will see a loading screen briefly like this 

After about a minute you will see a menu screen like this 

Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, highlight "System maintenance" and press enter

You will then be presented with this screen

Make sure that "Load factory default" is highlighted then hit enter on your keyboard.

You will then be prompted to confirm by highlighting yes and hitting enter on your keyboard again.

You will then be taken back to the main menu like this.

Again using the arrow keys highlight "done" at the bottom of the page, and hit enter with the keyboard.

You will be prompted to save. Make sure that Yes is highlighted and hit enter with the keyboard.

The player will then reboot.

You will need to now set any settings on the player that you need.
The most common will be time as this is needed for all players.

To enter the setup menu you will need to use the keyboard again and press the CTR ALT DEL buttons (like you would logging onto a PC).

After a moment you will see the main menu screen again, this time highlight "Time setup" and press enter on your keyboard.


Then highlight the timezone option and press enter on the keyboard

You'll then need to select your timezone. Scroll down to your timezone then press the space bar button so that the * appears in the brackets next to your timezone.

Then hit enter.

Then choose done, exit like last time by saving same as last time.