When content isn't updating, the issue usually lies with either the player not being able to pick up new content, or that the content hasn't been correctly configured.

The specific troubleshooting steps you take rely on the platform you use, but there are some general things you can check depending on whether your player is updated by a USB drive or by network:

Player is updated by network (I don't plug anything into the player to update the content)

If the player requires internet to update content, then it's possible there's a network issue preventing the player from getting new content.

A common symptom of a network fault is a number of devices going offline/unable to update content at the same time.

As above, check the platform you use to update content to make sure you've correctly followed the steps to update your player/s and then try the following:

  1. As a first step, make sure that the network cable is firmly connected to the player and the patch panel/switch
  2. If multiple players are not updating content, then make sure that any common switches are plugged in and operational
  3. If the player is still not updating content after you have checked this, contact the person/team who looks after the network/internet for that site to troubleshoot further

Player is updated by USB (I have to plug a USB into the player to update the content)

If your player is not updating content from your content USB, please try the following:

  1. Check to ensure you have updated the USB correctly for the player you are using
  2. Ensure your USB is formatted to the correct file format (typically FAT32)
  3. Try setting up a different USB, preferably a different brand
  4. Try setting up the USB with different content to rule out a content issue