1. Install MagicInfo Express2 from: https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/support/resources/download-center/magicinfo%20express

2. Launch MagicInfo Express2 and select Quick Start

3. If you are displaying a single image click Promotion, otherwise click Slideshow

4. Click and drag images from the content section to the main template section. If necessary, select the folder with your images in them by clicking on the folder icon. If your screen is in portrait, click the rotation button to change the orientation. When you are done, click the arrow in the top right hand corner to proceed.

5. In the next screen confirm that the content looks correct and then press the arrow at the top right hand corner again. Type the name for your template and proceed.

6. Confirm the schedule is correct, and then press the arrow in the top right hand corner.

7. If the screen is connected to the network, find the screen in the list of items below. If you are updating the screen using a USB, click the USB icon, select your USB and click send. Plug the USB into the screen to start playing content.