The following steps are recommended to set your NEC Panel up for digital signage applications.

Upon first boot, if prompted:

The LAN POWER needs to be set to 'ON' (Figure 1)

The POWER SAVE needs to be set to 'DISABLE' (Figure 2)




After completing these steps, navigate the screens menu and locate the SCHEDULE tab

Within the schedule tab head to:

OFF TIMER and set it to 'OFF' (Figure 3)

SCHEDULE SETTINGS is blank //no options selected (Figure 4)

DATE & TIME is set to appropriate (Figure 5)

DAYLIGHT SAVING is set to appropriate



Navigate to the tab MULTI-DSP and set under ID CONTROL

Auto ID to YES, and wait for the changes to take place. (Figure 7)




Navigate to the PROTECT tab

POWER SAVE is set to DISABLE (Figure 8)




Navigate to EXTERNAL CONTROL tab

LAN POWER is set to ON (Figure 9)




Navigate to PRO 1 ADVANCED tab

OVERSCAN is set to OFF (Figure 10)